Run Club! 6 Miles done…really 5.67

Yesterday I ran with my run club. Planned 6 miles for the day but ended up being 5.67. I think I’m a little OCD when it comes to doing what you say. If you say we are going to run 6 miles, then darn it let’s run 6 miles.  This keeps happening and what I do is keep running until I hit what we say. This week, I didn’t. I realized the person that runs our run group uses mapmyrun. That app is always wrong! It said we would run 6.3 but ended up being 5.67 mi.  About .70 miles off. That’s a lot when your training or trying to increase your pace.  You may think your running a 5k faster than you really are. I hope they fix this app because it’s annoying and can be misleading.

This week discussion was about what to eat before and morning of race day. I will talk about that tomorrow.


Lots of great events coming up!!!

You know what? I hope and pray this blog thing works out for me. I really enjoy reading other people’s blog but for some reason, I don’t have the time to keep up with my own.  Time is what I don’t have!!! I’ve been writing down all the things I do lately and how I can either be more efficient or cut out some things.  Last summer, I went through a job change which just rocked my world! When they say the biggest stressors in life are getting married, moving, having a child or starting a new job, they are right! Just as my last post states, I now work at 2 different hospitals.  Coordinating the two has had it’s ups and downs. I originally decided to do this so I can have a more flexible job so that I can be there for my son during his last years of high school.   I was first working night shift 11p-7am and day shift 7a-7p at the other job. I then switched to 7p-7am in March of this year and then recently changed to 3-11pm.  NIght shift was rough! I was very cranky, tired and had no energy the days I worked. I only worked 2 night shifts a week but I was still cranky! Before all this change, I had really gotten into enjoying exercise and just being active!  This came to a halt once the new job came into play. I tried really hard over the last year to get back to a normal schedule.  I wasn’t happy with my exercise routine and how I was becoming very lazy and full of excuses.  The month of August was my time to get myself back on track!!! I was going to be switching off night shift (yeah) and changing to 3-11pm.  August 31st marks the beginning of my change!! Changing off night shift should make it easier to keep my commitment to exercise.  

7 days later, I’m doing great!!! I got lazy today but that’s expected in the beginning. I just worked 4 shifts in a row and I was pretty pooped by sunday.  Tomorrow is a new day!!  

I have some upcoming events:

San Luis Obispo Lighthouse ride. 9/27  Hubby and I are either doing the 100 miles or 65 miles.  We are going to keep training and see how we feel for the even.

Nike Women’s Half Marathon 10/18 San Fran – This was my first and only half marathon I have run.  I ran in 2012 with a time of 2:17 with 3 wks of training prior to race day! It was a last minute entry!  I just wanted to finish.  This time I joined a running club to help me train for the half. I’m learning the Galloway method which is the run/walk method.  I haven’t decided 100% if I will use this method on race day but so far I’m leaning towards using this method of 5:1. i just noticed after my long runs, I feel so much better than pounding the pavement for 10miles constantly vs walking and giving your legs a different stride. I’m all about recovery and preserving my body for longevity.  

Tour De Cure for Diabetes 10/26 Livermore, CA – a 67 mile ride to help cure diabetes.  


I was also planning on doing a Dualthlon before year is over. 🙂 


Sorry to ramble on! Like I always say, I’m going to strive to blog as much as I can!



Where in the world is TiffNee? What has she been up to?

Great Question!!!!! Let’s see! The short version? Long version? Down and dirty!

1. Fulltime job at one hospital, split into 2 part time jobs at 2 different hospitals! Hospital #2, started in June! Had no life for 3 mos. Working 56-60hrs a week during that time. I dropped my hours at Hospital #1 in May, but the didn’t let me drop my hours until August!! So 2 full time jobs!! It was rough! No time for running or anything for that matter!

2. Started a photography business last fall. Started picking up business in June! Yes! Right smack in the middle of job changes!!! I had 5 session in August and one in September! I had to stop taking clients because this is a part time job for me and I can only take so many sessions a month!

3. Started biking casually with friends in May! Signed up for a Metric Century (65 miles) bike ride in September! What was I thinking. I had an old Trek Hybrid bike. Was training on my hubbies hybrid bike. Finally decided to buy a road bike in Sept. Best decision EVER!!! Had a great first metric century bike ride with friends and hubby by my side.

4. Did my first Dualthon October 5th with See Jane Run. What is that you say? It’s like a triathlon but substitute running for swimming. So you run….bike….run. Each race distance is different. This one was 2 mile run, 8.5 miles bike and finish with 3 mile run. Lot’s of fun!!! I highly recommend it to anyone that enjoys both.

That’s it in a nutshell!! Busy lifestyle!! I wish I had more time to blog!

I didn’t plan on cycling until I was told, “you can’t run anymore.” So far I’m loving it and taking on challenges I never thought I would.

Until next time,


April race done!!!

April 5k finished!! Wasn’t quite a 5k, it was 2.7 miles. Anyone ever had it be less than what was planned? Race people stated “safety” as a reason for the shortage. I’m ok with that. Safety first!!! Especially after the Boston incident.

I had been working on increasing my pace since November and I have been hitting my goal pace. They adjusted our pace for the distance and my pace was 8:13!!! Not bad considering I was pacing 8:40 before race day!!! Prior to this my average pace was 9:45-9:50. We all
Know we run faster on race day!!! :). I haven’t picked out a May race yet. Hoping to have that picked out by the of the week. 🙂 My hubby also ran with me!! He doesn’t run in races oftenbecause he see’s paying $$$ to run is ridiculous when you can run for free!!!

Til next time



New Running Shoes

New running shoes are on my feet!!!! I’ve been fitted in the past, but wasn’t impressed. I decided to check out the Road Runner store in my area to see if they fit people for shoes. I’ve been running in Brooks Glycerin 9 & 10’s for over a year and really like them! My only problem is that the back of my lower left leg aches during the run. I thought I figured out the problem. I switched to a smaller size and that seem to really help. I got a deal on Glycerin 9’s and bought them again in my normal size. Oh no! Lower left leg pain back again!!! My left foot is much smaller than my right foot and sometimes it’s really hard to find shoes that fit comfortable on both feet. After this, I decided to go get fitted because no one should have pain while running!!!! As if!!!!

I got fitted at the store with their cool and neat equipment called the “SHOE DOG.” First, you stand on this mat and it reads the pressure on your feet while standing. It tells you how you distribute your body weight. I apparently put most of my weight on my left foot. 53% on m left and 47% on my right. Pretty close to balanced. ( I guess the WII Fit does help :)) It also was able to tell me I have a high arch.

Next, they have you run barefoot on a treadmill and videotape you running. They then analyze how your feet/ankle move while running. They are looking at the flexibility of your foot. You are either rigid, flexible, or very flexible. They placed me as a flexible foot runner. Finally, they tell you what type of shoes would work best for you while running. Your either a neutral, stability or motion controlled runner.

My “perfect shoe” recommendation was …….stability!!!! The brooks shoes I’ve been running in are for neutral runners. Hmmm could that be my problem? They then custom fit you for orthotic inserts. They actually mold your foot into the insert. Next, over to pick out shoes!!! They have the shoes sectioned to make it easier for you to select your shoes. I was sad to see my brooks in the neutral shoes section.

They also recommended size 7.5-8 wide for me. I usually get 7.5 for running shoes and NEVER wide!!! So bigger and fatter shoes!! Nice!! Didn’t think my feet were that wide. The SALESDOG told me it’s to allow for swelling. HUH? My feet don’t swell when I run. Do yours??? Anyways, I’m up to trying anything.

They brought out a few pairs of shoes. Can you believe they brought me a pair of Nike’s? Seriously? I would never run in Nike’s. Don’t get me wrong, I love Nike and their brand but not for running. Their shoes are more for “show.” If there ever comes a day that Nike is at the top for running shoes, I may try them.

I ended up choosing the Asics Gel Kayano 19. Love them!!! They are comfortable, plenty of cushion, sytlish and absorb impact well. My knee’s & hips feel great!!! I ended up getting size 8 wide. I’ve run 37 miles in them and I think they are too wide. There is too much room in the toe box and on the sides. Of course, my lower left leg aches during the run. Overall they are about the same as the Brooks Glycerin. If I can get rid of the leg pain, I’ll be coasting!! Luckily the Road Runner store allows exchanges & returns within 90 days of purchase. I think that is a nice perk!!!! I plan on exchanging them for the size 8 B width instead of wide E because I need that leg pain to go away permanently and I don’t need such a wide toe box. I will update after I exchange and see if the back leg pain will go away.

Here is picture of my new shoes!!!! 🙂



Finished Nike 10k Virtual Race

Well today is sunday and I ran the Nike virtual race yesterday before heading off to work. I work 12hr shifts and a co-worker was nice enough to work the first 4 hrs for me so I can run this race. We call those “princess” shifts! Love those 4hr shifts.

The race went really well. I wore my long sleeve shirt that I received in the mail from Nike. Nice shirt! It was chilly for me to start the race….45 degree’s. My rule is 50 degrees or higher to run. Your probably rolling your eyes…… So if I lived where it was colder, I would learn to run in cold weather. Living in Northern California, it doesn’t get that cold so why even do it if you don’t have too?

I did a trial run monday and mapped out my route. That made it easier to concentrate on running because I didn’t have to worry about where I was going. My goal was to finish under 59:00. On monday, I finished it 59:03. Yesterday, I finished it 57:55!!! The last mile I was chugging. There was a runner in front of me and I was trying to catch her!! She turned before my finish line, oh well. It worked because I finished under my goal time and PR from my first 10K.

I use to run and not care about pace/time etc. I would just cruise along. Every since Nike Women’s Marathon, I’ve had this goal in mind to pick up the pace. My current race pace goal is under 9:30/mile. I know a lot of you run wayyyy faster than me and that’s ok, I’m not sure of my end goal for pace. I’m sure that will come with time. I’m actually liking trying to pace myself faster because it pushes me harder when I’m running.

My next race is a 5k in April. I decided not to do that half marathon for this race. I heard it was a boring route.

Til next time


I’ve been MIA!!! Update!!!

NO excuse! But I’ve been way too busy to keep up with my blog. Blogging is more work than I thought it would be. Choosing topics…… to thinking of things to talk about other than yourself can be hard. LOL…

What I’ve been up to:

December 2012 – Didn’t run the Double Road Race! 😦 That morning it was raining! Not an excuse but this time it’s an excuse. Just got over pneumonia 3 wks before, I didn’t think it would be smart. I’m a nurse and I know how bad getting sick can be. Next year for sure!!!

January 2013 – Recoup time!! My friend had asked me before the NWM to run a half in February. When I went to register, I saw they had a 10k also! I decided to run the 10k! Again, having just recently had pneumonia, thought it was smart not to push myself. I would have about 4 wks to train. See a pattern here? I totally baby myself. I hate set backs and if I can hopefully control them, I will.

February 2013 – Completed the Brazen Racing Bay Breeze Race 2/16 10k. Time 59:27 6.34 miles. That morning they measured the course a little longer. My first 10k! Not bad! I missed top 10 in my age group by 20 seconds! I think this is why they say you race against yourself because if I had known, I would have kicked it in high gear the last mile!!! This was an up and back run! I’m not a fan of up and back! I ran one and hated it. We were all squeezed on this small sidewalk. I must say, they did a really great job running this race. Very organized and not crowded after the first 3/4 of a mile. I will definitely race in another one of their races.

March 2013 – Decided to start a photography business. I’ve been into photography since the film days. 🙂 Love it!!! Why the change from hobby to business? Been thinking about it for a while! I think it clicked while I was taking basketball pictures of my son’s high school team this year. I started off just doing my son’s team (freshman), then players and parents were asking me if I took pictures of their kids. So I started taking JV and Varsity pictures. Everyone absolutely loved it and I’ve gotten such positive feedback, I decided to finally take the step. It will just be part time for now. I already have plenty of equipment, it’s a matter of making it official!!!

Also this month, I sat down and decided my racing goal for this year will be to run one race a month. Remember I’m new to running. I’ve been trying to kick up my pace to sub 9:30’s and so far keeping it there!!! I have a 10k Nike Virtual race this saturday. 🙂 Then in April there is a race for education for my city. I haven’t decided if I want to do the half or 5k. Haven’t really decided my distance preference. So far, I like 10k’s and half’s.

That’s about it in a nutshell! I hope this is start to keep up my blog! Sorry I was MIA!!!



Double Road Race!! Ever heard of one????

A new sport comes to America Sunday, Dec. 23 in Pleasanton, Calif., with the first-ever staging on American soil of a unique new running competition called the Double Road Race™ (or Double for short).

A distance race consisting of two legs — an opening 10K (6.2 miles) leg, followed by a 5K (3.1 miles) leg, with a short break in between, winners to be decided on best aggregate time — the Double is the brainchild of running visionary and innovator Bob Anderson, founder and former publisher of Runner’s World magazine, and an avid runner for 50 years.

“It’s not two races in one day,” says Anderson in describing his creation, “It’s one race with two legs. This is the only running event with a halftime.”

Wow!! One of my many ads on the right side of my facebook had this race listed. Of course, curious me, I clicked on it and was sold!!! It’s different and I like doing different thing (really?). I’ve only done one half marathon and have no desire to complete a full marathon. Running races like this would be a nice change from the norm.

I signed up last week and was one of the first 800 runners, so I get a bag full of cool goodies!! That was about the best thing that happened after I signed up, the worse thing…….I came down with pneumonia. ME! ME!!!! I rarely get sick and I’m a clean freak!!! I had the flu the beginning of last week and by friday I felt better. Signed up for the race and that night I felt like a mack truck ran me over!!!!!!

Stubbornly went to the doctor, chest x-ray done and Botta Bang….pneumonia. I’ve been slowly recovering from this. Shortness of breath is kicking my butt! I’m a runner and I shouldn’t be short of breath without running!!! I haven’t run in 1 1/2 wks and I have 17 days until this race. I probably won’t be able to run again until mid week next week, which will give me 10 days to race day. At this point, I really want to do this race. It’s new and I wanna be apart of it. So we shall see how preparing for this race will be. 🙂

Check it out Double Road Race

If you can make it sign up!!!

Couple running and solo running. :)

My hubby use to call me a running snob!!! He started running about one year after me and really wanted to run with me. The first run we did together, he obviously didn’t know about running etiquette. First, he ran ahead of me about 2 steps!! As if!!!! Then when I kindly told him we are suppose to run “together.” He obliged and did. As we were running, he darted off across the street instead of going to the end and crossing at the cross walk!! Seriously????? Of course, he was way ahead of me!!! I was not happy. What’s the point in running together if your going to run ahead of me the whole time? Anyways, I refused to run with him again after that. He apologized and said “I don’t know running etiquette.” I still refused!! I like to run non-stressed and relaxed. Not worrying about being left behind!!!!

It took a long time for us to run together again. He promised to stay close to me and run the route. 🙂 That was a year ago and we have run together maybe a total of 4 times over the last year. Recently, we started running together again. He couldn’t really run with me because I run longer distances than him and he can’t maintain long distances yet. He wanted to run a half and we decided to run a half in Feb with some other friends. He has been training for the half and running longer distances. Last week, he asked what my planned run was for that day. 5 miles I stated. He said great can we run together. Sure! Why not! He knows the rules!!! LOL..

Remember I’m doing this new running freely, no watch, no pacing gadgets, just run thing right? Well I forgot to tell him. I knew he was using his Nike+ app and he could at least keep track of our distance. I failed to tell him my new running plan. He usually doesn’t shout out our pace but this day he did!!!!(of course) I tried to ignore it and just keep doing what I’m doing. I only wanted to know the half way point so I can turn around.

Then at the last mile, he shouts “let’s pick up the pace and go!!!” I’m thinking to myself….”you go right ahead and I will follow behind.” He never really picked up his pace, so I never changed mine. At the end, he says “I tried to run faster but I didn’t have it in me.” LOL…He just started running longer distances so he still needs to train his legs endurance.

I then explained to him my non PR running plan. 🙂 Helps to communicate huh? (after 18 yrs of marriage) It wasn’t too bad, it actually helped me to focus and block things out. Seems I have lost that skill since my kids are older now. LOL 🙂 I use to be a pro when they were younger.

I’ve actually enjoyed couple running lately and I still really enjoy my “solo” runs too. 🙂 Anyone else couple run?


Back to PR Stuff…….

I’ve gotten really great advice with letting the “PR” thing go for a bit. I think it may take some time for me. It’s funny because I use to MAKE myself run a certain pace. I tried the negative split idea but never could do it. I would start out 10 min/mi and end up with 10 min/mi at the end. I would look at my watch, see that I was running 9 min/mi and slow myself down. Then after running this last half, I’ve asked myself, why do I do that? Why am I NOT just letting myself run naturally? My last few runs, I have done just that. It has felt great!!! (Except the pace stalking I do) I Let myself run what feels comfortable for me. When I’m done, I’m in the 9 min/mi pace. Not bad. But there I go again, looking at my pace!!!! Even though I looked at it, I just kept running what was comfortable. I probably didn’t look at it as much as I normally do.

Crazyrunninggirl suggested I run without a watch. Or should I say my iphone. I have a Garmin watch but I really like the feedback the Nike+ gives back versus the Garmin. I get instant times and can look at my activity history without connecting to a computer. That is my next step, run without anything tracking my distance or pace. Part of my problem is I feel like by tracking my run’s, I get “credit” for it because it’s in permanent ink. LOL…there I go again with my type A personality!!! I like seeing my mileage on my Nike+ increasing. LOL…

Anyways, can’t run again until monday. I ran a short run yesterday, cross training day today and I’m getting ready to work 3 12 hr shifts. 😦 I was just off 6 days!!! 😦 Back to work I go. I think running with only my ipod will hopefully be the answer!!!

Til next run!! 🙂

Tiff 🙂