Tweaking my running plan…..what was I thinking….

There must be a high after running a race. The last race I ran was in April (Big Sur Marathon Relay) and after that I was GUNG HO about continuing to run races. That died pretty quickly!! Maybe running on a relay team feels different than running solo. Who knows but after running NWM, I’m finally getting serious about running. That whole weekend just pumped me up and the feeling of accomplishing something big just makes me want more!!!! I’ve been running ummmm 3 yrs. Casually??? For fun?? For peace??? Whatever the reason who knows but I enjoy it. I was pretty consistent at running during the last 3 yrs but never really pushed myself or tried to become faster etc. I have read a lot about running ie..tiempo runs, split runs, speed work etc. but never really did any of it.

When I had 3 1/2 weeks to train for the NWM 1/2 marathon, I did research and found a great plan to train in 8wks (I did the last 3 wks of the plan). I really liked this plan and decided to use it as my workout/running plan. The part I liked the most about this plan was the long runs once a week and that I can fit in cross training on non running days. I sat down last week and plotted my plan in my schedule. I work three 12 hour shifts a week so I have to tweak the plan to fit my work schedule since I don’t get off until 730pm.

My first plan was to do one long run a week. 7mi/8mi/9mi/10mi then repeat. The other 2 days I run half of the long run that coming week. Long run- 7miles 3.5miles x 2 prior to the long run…….8 miles 4 miles x 2 prior to long run……etc…

10/29 Planned 8 mile run. 🙂 Accomplished. Poor right hip was not feeling good the last 1 1/2 miles. Pushed through!! 9’33″/miles Not bad. My prior was 10’10″/miles.

After that run, I thought to myself….. what am I doing? I can’t keep running long runs like this if my hip is bothering me, knees etc. I’ve never really had knee pain with running. Only with hills and my hip has hurt before with long runs. I would like to run as long as I can (part of the reason I’ve never really pushed myself). Gotta take care of this body I was given and not run it into the ground!! LOL.. After looking at my running schedule, it came to me!!! I can’t be running this many miles without breaking myself in. Remember when I started training 3 1/2 wks before NWM, I increased my running distance in one week by 8 miles then 10 miles.

My longest run before training was 4.5 and I busted out running 8 miles the first week of training! <—oooooo I felt that 8 miles for days!!! Crazy!!!!!! I've read many times not to increase your weekly mileage by more than 10%. Well shoot!! I did more than that!!!!!! Be smart girlfriend!! Pick a more realistic running plan that won't cause injury!!!!!!!

So this morning I sat down and rewrote my running schedule:
I lowered my long run distance. Long runs once a week 6mi/7mi/8mi then repeat. See below:
D= work days
XT= cross training ie elliptical, bike, strength training, walking, rowing etc. 30 mins or 55 mins

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