Lots of great events coming up!!!

You know what? I hope and pray this blog thing works out for me. I really enjoy reading other people’s blog but for some reason, I don’t have the time to keep up with my own.  Time is what I don’t have!!! I’ve been writing down all the things I do lately and how I can either be more efficient or cut out some things.  Last summer, I went through a job change which just rocked my world! When they say the biggest stressors in life are getting married, moving, having a child or starting a new job, they are right! Just as my last post states, I now work at 2 different hospitals.  Coordinating the two has had it’s ups and downs. I originally decided to do this so I can have a more flexible job so that I can be there for my son during his last years of high school.   I was first working night shift 11p-7am and day shift 7a-7p at the other job. I then switched to 7p-7am in March of this year and then recently changed to 3-11pm.  NIght shift was rough! I was very cranky, tired and had no energy the days I worked. I only worked 2 night shifts a week but I was still cranky! Before all this change, I had really gotten into enjoying exercise and just being active!  This came to a halt once the new job came into play. I tried really hard over the last year to get back to a normal schedule.  I wasn’t happy with my exercise routine and how I was becoming very lazy and full of excuses.  The month of August was my time to get myself back on track!!! I was going to be switching off night shift (yeah) and changing to 3-11pm.  August 31st marks the beginning of my change!! Changing off night shift should make it easier to keep my commitment to exercise.  

7 days later, I’m doing great!!! I got lazy today but that’s expected in the beginning. I just worked 4 shifts in a row and I was pretty pooped by sunday.  Tomorrow is a new day!!  

I have some upcoming events:

San Luis Obispo Lighthouse ride. 9/27  Hubby and I are either doing the 100 miles or 65 miles.  We are going to keep training and see how we feel for the even.

Nike Women’s Half Marathon 10/18 San Fran – This was my first and only half marathon I have run.  I ran in 2012 with a time of 2:17 with 3 wks of training prior to race day! It was a last minute entry!  I just wanted to finish.  This time I joined a running club to help me train for the half. I’m learning the Galloway method which is the run/walk method.  I haven’t decided 100% if I will use this method on race day but so far I’m leaning towards using this method of 5:1. i just noticed after my long runs, I feel so much better than pounding the pavement for 10miles constantly vs walking and giving your legs a different stride. I’m all about recovery and preserving my body for longevity.  

Tour De Cure for Diabetes 10/26 Livermore, CA – a 67 mile ride to help cure diabetes.  


I was also planning on doing a Dualthlon before year is over. 🙂 


Sorry to ramble on! Like I always say, I’m going to strive to blog as much as I can!



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