Run Club! 6 Miles done…really 5.67

Yesterday I ran with my run club. Planned 6 miles for the day but ended up being 5.67. I think I’m a little OCD when it comes to doing what you say. If you say we are going to run 6 miles, then darn it let’s run 6 miles.  This keeps happening and what I do is keep running until I hit what we say. This week, I didn’t. I realized the person that runs our run group uses mapmyrun. That app is always wrong! It said we would run 6.3 but ended up being 5.67 mi.  About .70 miles off. That’s a lot when your training or trying to increase your pace.  You may think your running a 5k faster than you really are. I hope they fix this app because it’s annoying and can be misleading.

This week discussion was about what to eat before and morning of race day. I will talk about that tomorrow.


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