Double Road Race!! Ever heard of one????

A new sport comes to America Sunday, Dec. 23 in Pleasanton, Calif., with the first-ever staging on American soil of a unique new running competition called the Double Road Race™ (or Double for short).

A distance race consisting of two legs — an opening 10K (6.2 miles) leg, followed by a 5K (3.1 miles) leg, with a short break in between, winners to be decided on best aggregate time — the Double is the brainchild of running visionary and innovator Bob Anderson, founder and former publisher of Runner’s World magazine, and an avid runner for 50 years.

“It’s not two races in one day,” says Anderson in describing his creation, “It’s one race with two legs. This is the only running event with a halftime.”

Wow!! One of my many ads on the right side of my facebook had this race listed. Of course, curious me, I clicked on it and was sold!!! It’s different and I like doing different thing (really?). I’ve only done one half marathon and have no desire to complete a full marathon. Running races like this would be a nice change from the norm.

I signed up last week and was one of the first 800 runners, so I get a bag full of cool goodies!! That was about the best thing that happened after I signed up, the worse thing…….I came down with pneumonia. ME! ME!!!! I rarely get sick and I’m a clean freak!!! I had the flu the beginning of last week and by friday I felt better. Signed up for the race and that night I felt like a mack truck ran me over!!!!!!

Stubbornly went to the doctor, chest x-ray done and Botta Bang….pneumonia. I’ve been slowly recovering from this. Shortness of breath is kicking my butt! I’m a runner and I shouldn’t be short of breath without running!!! I haven’t run in 1 1/2 wks and I have 17 days until this race. I probably won’t be able to run again until mid week next week, which will give me 10 days to race day. At this point, I really want to do this race. It’s new and I wanna be apart of it. So we shall see how preparing for this race will be. 🙂

Check it out Double Road Race

If you can make it sign up!!!

Couple running and solo running. :)

My hubby use to call me a running snob!!! He started running about one year after me and really wanted to run with me. The first run we did together, he obviously didn’t know about running etiquette. First, he ran ahead of me about 2 steps!! As if!!!! Then when I kindly told him we are suppose to run “together.” He obliged and did. As we were running, he darted off across the street instead of going to the end and crossing at the cross walk!! Seriously????? Of course, he was way ahead of me!!! I was not happy. What’s the point in running together if your going to run ahead of me the whole time? Anyways, I refused to run with him again after that. He apologized and said “I don’t know running etiquette.” I still refused!! I like to run non-stressed and relaxed. Not worrying about being left behind!!!!

It took a long time for us to run together again. He promised to stay close to me and run the route. 🙂 That was a year ago and we have run together maybe a total of 4 times over the last year. Recently, we started running together again. He couldn’t really run with me because I run longer distances than him and he can’t maintain long distances yet. He wanted to run a half and we decided to run a half in Feb with some other friends. He has been training for the half and running longer distances. Last week, he asked what my planned run was for that day. 5 miles I stated. He said great can we run together. Sure! Why not! He knows the rules!!! LOL..

Remember I’m doing this new running freely, no watch, no pacing gadgets, just run thing right? Well I forgot to tell him. I knew he was using his Nike+ app and he could at least keep track of our distance. I failed to tell him my new running plan. He usually doesn’t shout out our pace but this day he did!!!!(of course) I tried to ignore it and just keep doing what I’m doing. I only wanted to know the half way point so I can turn around.

Then at the last mile, he shouts “let’s pick up the pace and go!!!” I’m thinking to myself….”you go right ahead and I will follow behind.” He never really picked up his pace, so I never changed mine. At the end, he says “I tried to run faster but I didn’t have it in me.” LOL…He just started running longer distances so he still needs to train his legs endurance.

I then explained to him my non PR running plan. 🙂 Helps to communicate huh? (after 18 yrs of marriage) It wasn’t too bad, it actually helped me to focus and block things out. Seems I have lost that skill since my kids are older now. LOL 🙂 I use to be a pro when they were younger.

I’ve actually enjoyed couple running lately and I still really enjoy my “solo” runs too. 🙂 Anyone else couple run?


Back to PR Stuff…….

I’ve gotten really great advice with letting the “PR” thing go for a bit. I think it may take some time for me. It’s funny because I use to MAKE myself run a certain pace. I tried the negative split idea but never could do it. I would start out 10 min/mi and end up with 10 min/mi at the end. I would look at my watch, see that I was running 9 min/mi and slow myself down. Then after running this last half, I’ve asked myself, why do I do that? Why am I NOT just letting myself run naturally? My last few runs, I have done just that. It has felt great!!! (Except the pace stalking I do) I Let myself run what feels comfortable for me. When I’m done, I’m in the 9 min/mi pace. Not bad. But there I go again, looking at my pace!!!! Even though I looked at it, I just kept running what was comfortable. I probably didn’t look at it as much as I normally do.

Crazyrunninggirl suggested I run without a watch. Or should I say my iphone. I have a Garmin watch but I really like the feedback the Nike+ gives back versus the Garmin. I get instant times and can look at my activity history without connecting to a computer. That is my next step, run without anything tracking my distance or pace. Part of my problem is I feel like by tracking my run’s, I get “credit” for it because it’s in permanent ink. LOL…there I go again with my type A personality!!! I like seeing my mileage on my Nike+ increasing. LOL…

Anyways, can’t run again until monday. I ran a short run yesterday, cross training day today and I’m getting ready to work 3 12 hr shifts. 😦 I was just off 6 days!!! 😦 Back to work I go. I think running with only my ipod will hopefully be the answer!!!

Til next run!! 🙂

Tiff 🙂

Curvyman Cord Supervisor!!! Answer to yurbuds!!!!

All you type A people will love the curvyman cord supervisor!!! The Yurbuds cord is really long and if you don’t have a way to keep it neat, it will be a ball of mess. 🙂 I found this at REI…just hanging out in front of the registers. Grabbed one in pink and wallah!! It holds my ear buds nicely organized.

I’ve seen them at sports authority too. Check out their website

Sorry for some reason my links aren’t working.




PR? Exactly what I needed to read

One of the blogs I follow. She recently posted this and the timing couldn’t be more perfect!!! Ever since I finished my half marathon on October, I’ve been on this running high. I’ve been running faster and further. I picked up where I left off with the training for the half. I’ve had lots of aches and pains ever since I increased my distance and faster pace. I’m a perfectionist and it’s been bothering me lately…..what am I doing wrong? I want to run as long as I can but lately I’ve been sore, achy, I feel like an old lady. A few days after my last post, I decided to revamp my running schedule. I cut back my long runs even more. Instead of 6-7-8-9, I now do 5-6-7 long run miles. I need to take advice from Suar at ShutUpandRun. I’ve only had time to run once this week and I’ve been telling myself to take it easy my next run and just enjoy. So reading this post on this blog really helped. I wanted to share with you in case you too are in the same boat as me. 🙂

Tweaking my running plan…..what was I thinking….

There must be a high after running a race. The last race I ran was in April (Big Sur Marathon Relay) and after that I was GUNG HO about continuing to run races. That died pretty quickly!! Maybe running on a relay team feels different than running solo. Who knows but after running NWM, I’m finally getting serious about running. That whole weekend just pumped me up and the feeling of accomplishing something big just makes me want more!!!! I’ve been running ummmm 3 yrs. Casually??? For fun?? For peace??? Whatever the reason who knows but I enjoy it. I was pretty consistent at running during the last 3 yrs but never really pushed myself or tried to become faster etc. I have read a lot about running ie..tiempo runs, split runs, speed work etc. but never really did any of it.

When I had 3 1/2 weeks to train for the NWM 1/2 marathon, I did research and found a great plan to train in 8wks (I did the last 3 wks of the plan). I really liked this plan and decided to use it as my workout/running plan. The part I liked the most about this plan was the long runs once a week and that I can fit in cross training on non running days. I sat down last week and plotted my plan in my schedule. I work three 12 hour shifts a week so I have to tweak the plan to fit my work schedule since I don’t get off until 730pm.

My first plan was to do one long run a week. 7mi/8mi/9mi/10mi then repeat. The other 2 days I run half of the long run that coming week. Long run- 7miles 3.5miles x 2 prior to the long run…….8 miles 4 miles x 2 prior to long run……etc…

10/29 Planned 8 mile run. 🙂 Accomplished. Poor right hip was not feeling good the last 1 1/2 miles. Pushed through!! 9’33″/miles Not bad. My prior was 10’10″/miles.

After that run, I thought to myself….. what am I doing? I can’t keep running long runs like this if my hip is bothering me, knees etc. I’ve never really had knee pain with running. Only with hills and my hip has hurt before with long runs. I would like to run as long as I can (part of the reason I’ve never really pushed myself). Gotta take care of this body I was given and not run it into the ground!! LOL.. After looking at my running schedule, it came to me!!! I can’t be running this many miles without breaking myself in. Remember when I started training 3 1/2 wks before NWM, I increased my running distance in one week by 8 miles then 10 miles.

My longest run before training was 4.5 and I busted out running 8 miles the first week of training! <—oooooo I felt that 8 miles for days!!! Crazy!!!!!! I've read many times not to increase your weekly mileage by more than 10%. Well shoot!! I did more than that!!!!!! Be smart girlfriend!! Pick a more realistic running plan that won't cause injury!!!!!!!

So this morning I sat down and rewrote my running schedule:
I lowered my long run distance. Long runs once a week 6mi/7mi/8mi then repeat. See below:
D= work days
XT= cross training ie elliptical, bike, strength training, walking, rowing etc. 30 mins or 55 mins

Yurbuds Inspire for Women Review

This review is about Yurbuds Inspire for Women ear plugs.

Yurbuds in Tiffany & Co color

The NWM12 expo had Yurbuds reps there to unveil their newest line “Inspire for Women Line.” Of course, I had to try them on and check them out. I wanted to see how different these were since they state they are guaranteed never to fall out or hurt. I had previously bought the original over the head pair approximately 8 mos ago. I never wanted the standard 2 separate ear pieces because they always fall out once you start sweating or running. The original pair of Yurbuds didn’t fit my ear well. I know on the package, it states if you take a picture of your ear, they will send another silicone piece so they will fit better. Well I never did. Just plain lazy!!! LOL…I would wear them off and on but never felt like they fit in my ear properly. They felt like they were 3/4 of the way in.

At the expo, the Yurbuds rep put them in my ear….they seem to fit pretty nicely, they went in easy and were soft. She then yanked on my cord to simulate me running. They didn’t even budge!! Not even one millimeter. $30 bucks and they had them in the Tiffany & Co. color, Who could resist!!!!!!! 🙂 I’m a sucker for cute colorful things. They do come in 6 different colors. I didn’t wear them during the race, we all know new gear on race day is a NO! NO!!! 🙂

I wore them for the first time today. Took a 4 mile run with them in. I really didn’t have any doubt they would do what they say because at the expo the lady rep yanked on them pretty hard and I don’t run that hard. LOL.:)

My review at the end of the run:

1. They DiD NOT fall out!!!!! Thanks to the twistlock technology
2. They were comfortably, never once hurt!!! They are soft, flexible, and made out of silicone. Didn’t miss the original over the head ear phones.
3. The cord is long and I was able to put it through the bottom of my shirt and reached up to my ears and had plenty of length. *see pic*
4. Sound quality was AAAA+++++ I jam when I’m running and I gotta feel the beat!!! Felt the base/music perfect.
5. It claims Ambient noise awareness – I could hear my music loud enough but could hear cars and bikes too. This is important because it’s easy to miss/seeing a car, bike, dog or person. I always make sure I can hear things around me when running.
6. Sweat & Water resistant, Yup! After my run, I was pretty sweaty and they never fell out or even slipped. They stayed perfectly.

Overall Review – Love them! Love the color! I may have to pick up another color just to match my outfits 🙂 I didn’t have any doubt they wouldn’t fall out but I can honestly say, I’m really impressed. Just impressed how they felt the whole 4 mile run, in the heat, the sweat, the sound, the cord length, the fact that there was no slippage!!! Highly recommend!! I’m excited because I’ve been running with the same headphones for over a year and had been wanting a new pair. **found them** The ear plugs do come with 2 different sizes but if neither fit, Yurbuds will send you silicone covers that do.

That’s my 2 cents!! Hope it helped!!!

I am not paid by sponsors or paid to give reviews. This review is my honest opinion of a product I decided to try and felt sharing my review will help other consumers with their purchase decision. I feel reviews from consumers help potential customers make smart purchases. I myself google reviews before making most purchases and find them helpful in my decision before purchasing a product.