Run Club! 6 Miles done…really 5.67

Yesterday I ran with my run club. Planned 6 miles for the day but ended up being 5.67. I think I’m a little OCD when it comes to doing what you say. If you say we are going to run 6 miles, then darn it let’s run 6 miles.  This keeps happening and what I do is keep running until I hit what we say. This week, I didn’t. I realized the person that runs our run group uses mapmyrun. That app is always wrong! It said we would run 6.3 but ended up being 5.67 mi.  About .70 miles off. That’s a lot when your training or trying to increase your pace.  You may think your running a 5k faster than you really are. I hope they fix this app because it’s annoying and can be misleading.

This week discussion was about what to eat before and morning of race day. I will talk about that tomorrow.


Lots of great events coming up!!!

You know what? I hope and pray this blog thing works out for me. I really enjoy reading other people’s blog but for some reason, I don’t have the time to keep up with my own.  Time is what I don’t have!!! I’ve been writing down all the things I do lately and how I can either be more efficient or cut out some things.  Last summer, I went through a job change which just rocked my world! When they say the biggest stressors in life are getting married, moving, having a child or starting a new job, they are right! Just as my last post states, I now work at 2 different hospitals.  Coordinating the two has had it’s ups and downs. I originally decided to do this so I can have a more flexible job so that I can be there for my son during his last years of high school.   I was first working night shift 11p-7am and day shift 7a-7p at the other job. I then switched to 7p-7am in March of this year and then recently changed to 3-11pm.  NIght shift was rough! I was very cranky, tired and had no energy the days I worked. I only worked 2 night shifts a week but I was still cranky! Before all this change, I had really gotten into enjoying exercise and just being active!  This came to a halt once the new job came into play. I tried really hard over the last year to get back to a normal schedule.  I wasn’t happy with my exercise routine and how I was becoming very lazy and full of excuses.  The month of August was my time to get myself back on track!!! I was going to be switching off night shift (yeah) and changing to 3-11pm.  August 31st marks the beginning of my change!! Changing off night shift should make it easier to keep my commitment to exercise.  

7 days later, I’m doing great!!! I got lazy today but that’s expected in the beginning. I just worked 4 shifts in a row and I was pretty pooped by sunday.  Tomorrow is a new day!!  

I have some upcoming events:

San Luis Obispo Lighthouse ride. 9/27  Hubby and I are either doing the 100 miles or 65 miles.  We are going to keep training and see how we feel for the even.

Nike Women’s Half Marathon 10/18 San Fran – This was my first and only half marathon I have run.  I ran in 2012 with a time of 2:17 with 3 wks of training prior to race day! It was a last minute entry!  I just wanted to finish.  This time I joined a running club to help me train for the half. I’m learning the Galloway method which is the run/walk method.  I haven’t decided 100% if I will use this method on race day but so far I’m leaning towards using this method of 5:1. i just noticed after my long runs, I feel so much better than pounding the pavement for 10miles constantly vs walking and giving your legs a different stride. I’m all about recovery and preserving my body for longevity.  

Tour De Cure for Diabetes 10/26 Livermore, CA – a 67 mile ride to help cure diabetes.  


I was also planning on doing a Dualthlon before year is over. 🙂 


Sorry to ramble on! Like I always say, I’m going to strive to blog as much as I can!



Couple running and solo running. :)

My hubby use to call me a running snob!!! He started running about one year after me and really wanted to run with me. The first run we did together, he obviously didn’t know about running etiquette. First, he ran ahead of me about 2 steps!! As if!!!! Then when I kindly told him we are suppose to run “together.” He obliged and did. As we were running, he darted off across the street instead of going to the end and crossing at the cross walk!! Seriously????? Of course, he was way ahead of me!!! I was not happy. What’s the point in running together if your going to run ahead of me the whole time? Anyways, I refused to run with him again after that. He apologized and said “I don’t know running etiquette.” I still refused!! I like to run non-stressed and relaxed. Not worrying about being left behind!!!!

It took a long time for us to run together again. He promised to stay close to me and run the route. 🙂 That was a year ago and we have run together maybe a total of 4 times over the last year. Recently, we started running together again. He couldn’t really run with me because I run longer distances than him and he can’t maintain long distances yet. He wanted to run a half and we decided to run a half in Feb with some other friends. He has been training for the half and running longer distances. Last week, he asked what my planned run was for that day. 5 miles I stated. He said great can we run together. Sure! Why not! He knows the rules!!! LOL..

Remember I’m doing this new running freely, no watch, no pacing gadgets, just run thing right? Well I forgot to tell him. I knew he was using his Nike+ app and he could at least keep track of our distance. I failed to tell him my new running plan. He usually doesn’t shout out our pace but this day he did!!!!(of course) I tried to ignore it and just keep doing what I’m doing. I only wanted to know the half way point so I can turn around.

Then at the last mile, he shouts “let’s pick up the pace and go!!!” I’m thinking to myself….”you go right ahead and I will follow behind.” He never really picked up his pace, so I never changed mine. At the end, he says “I tried to run faster but I didn’t have it in me.” LOL…He just started running longer distances so he still needs to train his legs endurance.

I then explained to him my non PR running plan. 🙂 Helps to communicate huh? (after 18 yrs of marriage) It wasn’t too bad, it actually helped me to focus and block things out. Seems I have lost that skill since my kids are older now. LOL 🙂 I use to be a pro when they were younger.

I’ve actually enjoyed couple running lately and I still really enjoy my “solo” runs too. 🙂 Anyone else couple run?